Natural Soy Wax - What are the benefits?

Natural Soy Wax - What are the benefits?

There are so many unknowns in life, and the ingredients in our household products should not be one of them. As a candle maker there are so many pros to using all natural soy wax such as great hot and cold throw, smooth and creamy texture, and it holds more fragrance than many other waxes (amongst many other things)!

All of this is great, of course, but what are the benefits of natural soy wax candles for candle lovers? Well, let's get into that!

Our candles are made of out all natural soy wax. Soy wax is derived from soybeans; making our candles biodegradable and renewable! They are also "clean burning," meaning they do not emit any harmful or toxic gases when they burn. Not only are they clean burning, they also burn slower than most waxes that big candle companies use! Last longing candles are definitely a plus as a candle lover, if I do say so myself. Many large candle companies use paraffin wax that is made from petroleum, which emits harmful chemicals such as toluene and benzene, and burn much faster as well.

Before becoming a candle maker myself, I had no idea how toxic the candles from most large companies are. In reality, all these harmful toxins are not necessary. It's just a way to cost back on cost. 

Since soy candles are derived from plants, they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. In comparison to paraffin wax candles, soy wax releases lower amount of carbon dioxide and biodegradable. 

When treating yourself to a soy candle, especially from Angelicus Candle Co., you can be rest assured that you are receiving a clean, vegan, phthalate free, non-toxic, clean burning, and long lasting candle. They are definitely worth it and fill up the room with their delightful scents, whether they are lit or not. 


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